Login and have a look around

Goal: login to a submit machine and look around[edit | edit source]

You should all have the IP address of a machine that you can login to via "ssh". The username will be "gks" and your password will be supplied.

  • On Mac OS X, you can run the Terminal app and use the ssh command like so:
$ ssh gks@
  • On windows a good ssh client is PuTTY
  • Linux should have ssh available from a terminal window, as per the mac

Running commands[edit | edit source]

We will show commands you can run like so:

$ hostname

Note that the "$" in the above is to signify a bash prompt, you don't need to type it!

Organising your work[edit | edit source]

The home directory that you have on your machine is yours to use. You are free to create directories to help structure your work. The examples we use will often specify that log / ouput / error is created in subdirectories, so we can create those now. Run this:

$ mkdir log output error

Condor Version[edit | edit source]

Run the following:

$ condor_version
You should see output like:
[gks@htcondor-t-0 ~]$ condor_version
$CondorVersion: 8.6.0 Jan 26 2017 BuildID: 395190 $
$CondorPlatform: x86_64_RedHat7 $

Note on HTCondor Versions[edit | edit source]

HTCondor always has two types of releases at any one time: stable and development. The even minor versions are stable, whilst the odd minor version are development. This means that the current stable releases are 8.6.* and the current development releases are 8.7.*