Core concepts: Course

A course is a collection of pages with a well defined tree structure. Every course on WikiToLearn has a unique name. You can create a private course under your namespace or a public and collaborative course.

Create a course[edit | edit source]

The first thing to do to create a course is going to the right department and the right topic. For example, if you are writing a Quantum Physics course, you need to go to the Physics department.

Find the most appropriate topic and click on it. In the previous example, you should look for a topic named "Quantum Physics" or "Quantum Mechanics".

Click the "Create Course" button: a form will show up.

Note: if there isn't an appropriate topic for the course, you can create one by clicking the "Create Course and Topic" button on the department page. The name of the topic will be the same as the name of the course.

Manual create course.gif

You can choose to make the course public or private. A public course is located under the related department, while a private course is located under the user namespace.

It is strongly recommended to create a private course and publish it once completed. However, if you decide to create a public course, it will be displayed under the Department/Topic url and everyone can modify it by creating, moving and deleting content.

Course Metadata[edit | edit source]

It is possible to add additional information to a course. This is helpful when you have some external links or PDF with exercises, notes or bibliography that you want to attach to the course.

Add metadata wtl.gif

To add metadata visit the course main page and click on the "Edit metadata" button. Then you can add the additional information in the respective input fields. In particular, you can add information about:

  • Bibliography
  • Exercises
  • Books
  • External References

Publish a course[edit | edit source]

If you created a private course, it will stay under your user namespace unless you decide to publish it. To publish a private course, navigate to the course main page and click on the "Publish Course" button. A WikiToLearn's admin will take into account the request and will move the content to the public topic page.

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