Creating books

Books are grouped collections of sections that can be easily downloaded as pdf for offline reading. Books allow you to create a personalized collection of sections from different chapters or even different courses. In that way, you make your own book ready for being printed.

Create a book[edit | edit source]

To create a book, click on the advanced feature button on the right. A set of tools will show up. Click on the first book and start the book creator. Navigate to the desired section and click on "Add this page to your book" link. With the book creator tool you can add pages or take a look to your book. If you need more help on how to use the tool, there is a "Help" link on the top right corner of the box. Otherwise you can read here.

Book creation wtl.gif

Note: The book creator tool is disabled on pages that are not within the course. It's only shown on course, chapter and section pages.

Save a book[edit | edit source]

Once pages have been added click on "Show your book" link. You will be redirected to a page where you can choose to modify, download or save your book.

Book chapter creation wtl.gif

Sort a book[edit | edit source]

If you want to sort the order of the sections, simply drag and drop the pages. If you want to manually add a chapter, click on the "Create chapter" link.

Book chapter section management wtl.gif

Clicking on download will download the pages of the book as a LaTeX typesetted pdf. When you save the book, there are two options: save it on your personal page or under the page Projects:Books.

Book download wtl.gif

Note: it's strongly recommended to save the book under your user namespace.

Choose the first option, write the name of your book and click on "Save Book" button.

Search for books[edit | edit source]

If you want to see books created by all the users, both public and private, click on the "Books" button on the navigation bar.