Why yet another programming tutorial

Software programming is HUGE[edit | edit source]

While the need for programmers and software engineers has been constantly growing in the last decades, the barrier to enter this very complex sector seems to have risen even higher than before. A programmer possesses a very articulate skillset that demands years of dedication and study. Every invidual must then specialize even further, because programming is applied to very different fields. The beginner programmer is confronted with the challenge of acquiring a completely new mindset, while at the same time having to choose among different resources and technologies. This tutorial tries to convey the very basics that every programmer should have, while trying to keep the very daunting material interesting.

Programming is not about the specific technology[edit | edit source]

The first step to enter the programming world is to choose a programming language. Very soon this programming language must grow on the programmer like a second nature, because the program must ultimately be only the mean through which we express ourselves: we don't want to be bothered with mere grammar while we speak. Albeit this will be a very important goal of this tutorial, programming languages, as every technology, have a fundamental flaw: they get old. The most important skill that a programmer must possess is the ability to learn quickly and autonomously, and this is the most difficult skill to acquire. This tutorial experiments in this area.

Programming is hard, but fun![edit | edit source]

To learn effectively you will have to get stuck and stare at your monitor for hours. Don't get discouraged, we have all been there. There is not cookbook for figuring out a way out of problems, but we will try our best to transmit you our experience. We promise it will be rewarding, and fun!