Grigoletti (talkcontribs)

Hi Hultnuno! Glad to see you're writing here on WikiToLearn :-)

May I ask you a little bit information about yourself? I am Gianluca, I started working on wikitolearn since the beginning and I'm taking care mainly of the layout and ux area.

What about you? I see you're writing about Number Theory, so I suppose you're studying math, aren't you?

Hultnuno (talkcontribs)

Hi Gianluca,

I am Nuno. I first got in contact with wikitolearn during Google code-in. I worked on latextomediawiki. I am only going to start studying maths in the next semester. I have however taken place in a workshop about number theory. I found that having attended the highest level maths course it was easy to understand the basics.

By the way I have had an issue answering your reply. When hovering over the reply button, it shows a loading sign and I can't reply. It works with touch screen.

Cheers, Nuno

Grigoletti (talkcontribs)

Nice to hear that! I remember you worked with @valsdav!

If you have any question on ow to organize the content, please ask me or him, we're happy to help!

Regarding the loading get stuck it works if you reload the page. The problem is a plugin missing that has been fixed with the next release :)


Valsdav (talkcontribs)

Hi nuno!

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