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Quantum Field Theory

Introduction to Quantum Field Theory.

Based on "Theoretical Physics 1" at Università degli Studi Milano-Bicocca during 2018-2019

Introduction to GNU Linux

Introductory course about linux for physicists

Syntax Highlight

Test on syntax highlight


Short overview of some instruments available to ease C/C++ code development. Some examples related to High Energy Physics.

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Complex Analysis (Intermediate Level)

This is a course on complex functions. The treatment is rigorous. Starting from complex numbers, we study some of the most celebrated theorems in analysis, for example, Cauchy's theorem and Cauchy's integral formulae, the theorem of residues and Laurent's theorem. The course lends itself to various applications to real analysis, for example, evaluation of definite integrals and finding the number of zeros of a complex polynomial in a region. Edited by Michael Singer, professor of mathematics at University College London.

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Talk 1

talk description

Sandbox Spring Cleaning[edit | edit source]

Theoretical Computer Science

Operating Systems

Particle Physics