Converting LibreOffice to MediaWiki Format

Do you have content that are in pdf, openoffice, xml, doc, etc. and would like to convert them to the format on WikiToLearn?
Well you're in luck! You can automatically convert those into MediaWiki format by using LibreOffice.

Here’s how to do it:
  • On a debian based Linux computer
  • LibreOffice

You can install LibreOffice on your Linux computer through your software centre or by visiting:

  • libreoffice-wiki-publisher Addon
Install the LibreOffice addon by typing this into your terminal:
sudo apt-get install libreoffice-wiki-publisher
  1. Open up the content you would like to convert to MediaWiki format
  2. Edit if necessary
  3. Click File>Export
  4. Click MediaWiki (.txt) under “Filter”
  5. Save it somewhere
  6. Open the saved file
  7. Copy and paste the contents to the WikiToLearn page
  8. Edit if necessary and save
That's it! Now go grab a snack to treat yourself because you just grew knowledge by sharing it to the world!

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