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<h2> HEP Software Foundation Courses </h2>
<h2> HEP Software Foundation Courses </h2>
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'''''<big>Disclaimer</big>''''' <br>'''This section is currently under construction. As such, teaching material can appear and disappear without further advance notice. Thanks for your understanding'''
* [[Philosophy of this site]]{{stage|100%}}
<h3>Basic training</h3>
* [[Elements of Operating Systems]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Compiled languages]]{{stage|25%}}
* [[Scripting languages]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Statistical tools]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Analysis tools]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Advanced mathematical techniques]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Simulation (Geant IV)]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Multithreading techniques]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Design Patterns]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Graphical User Interfaces techniques]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[JavaScript and WEB techniques]]{{stage|0%}}
* [[Data Acquisition Techniques]]{{stage|0%}}
<h3>Training by examples</h3>
* [[The Standard Template Library]]{{stage|0%}}

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Mastering the subject at the intermediate level is not easy, and we encourage students to discuss what they are learning with other students and with their instructors at every opportu­nity. Learning and doing physics has a social component. One learns much more from such discussions than by reading a textbook alone.

Pollack-Stump Electromagnetism

HEP Software Foundation Courses

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