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This is theTemplate:Tl sub-template.

Do not use this template directly, useTemplate:Tl instead.

Template:Tl callsTemplate:Tl which in turn calls this template. This template holds most of the code forTemplate:Tl, whileTemplate:Tl andTemplate:Tl do parameter preprocessing. Thus simplifying the code.

Technical details[edit source]

This sub-template currently expects these parameters:

| heading = {{{heading|¬}}}   <!--Note that the "¬" is necessary 
     so we can detect the difference between empty and undefined-->
| heading-style = {{{heading-style|}}}
| content = {{{content|}}}    <!--Text instead of a /doc page-->
| link box = {{{link box|}}}  <!--So "link box=off" works-->

| docpage =     <!--Full pagename of the doc page-->
| doc exist =   <!--"yes" if the doc page exists, empty string if not-->
| docname fed = <!--"yes" if a docname was manually fed-->

| sandbox =     <!--Full pagename of the /sandbox-->
| testcases =   <!--Full pagename of the /testcases-->

| template page =   <!--Full pagename where the {{documentation}}
    template is placed, but without ending /sandbox or /testcases.
    Note: Unfortunately might not be the "correct" namespace if 
    the template is in subject space and the {{documentation}} 
    template is in talk space or the other way around.-->

For more documentation seeTemplate:Tl.