What is Docker

Software’s next big thing : a new way to build and ship applications

Docker is a platform for managing Linux containers. In brief, Docker is a containerization mechanism. It is a new open source container technology that makes it easier to get many applications running on the same old servers. It also makes packaging and shipping programs very easy.

Docker was started in March 2013. It began as an open source implementation of the deployment engine which powers dotCloud. By today, Docker has become a huge industry phenomenon. During the past few months, many industrial giants such as Dell, HP, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon and RedHat have asked to join forces with Docker. This has been a great achievement of the Docker’s founder, Solomon Hykes. I was surprised to get to know that he started working on Docker in his mother’s Paris basement as a tiny side thing that he thought only a handful of other people would ever care about. But do you know that Docker has become the most popular container standard by today?

Docker has introduced a new revolution for packaging and deploying applications on Linux servers. I love open source software, because it allows anyone to view and modify the code, which can then be returned to the original application. There is no doubt that contributing to an open source software provides a sense of satisfaction which in turns provides a service for everyone who uses it. With open source software such as Docker, you get the application code which you can work with if you want. Otherwise you can just download the application and run it. It is really awesome !