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What will be covered in this section:[edit | edit source]
  • Overview of course aims
  • Overview of course content
  • Note concerning external resources

Overview[edit | edit source]

Course Aims[edit | edit source]

Many start their French studies, as with any other language study, with the goal of being able to understand and interact with native speakers and content. Both of these aims, the desire to understand and the desire to interact, require a deep understanding of spoken French as well written French. This course attempts to address both parts of the French language in an engaging way. We hope that this course will give you a solid foundation to continue studing the French language.

Course Content[edit | edit source]

External Resources[edit | edit source]

There are certain limitations to this course being in a written form. To address these issues, we will offer many links to external resources that can enrich your learning experience. These external resources are highly recommended if you desire to deepen your French understanding.