Task 0

This task should get you acquainted with the supercomputer's environment and visualize the different performance profiles of applications running on GPUs.

Login to JURON with the SSH key and the password provided (ssh -i key train0XX@juron.fz-juelich.de). Go to the GPU/Tasks/Task0/ directory. You will find four micro-benchmarks which we want to execute. Read Instructions.rst for an overview what is to be done in this task:

  • Source the setup.sh bash script to load all required modules for the task. Usually, this is done with module load programA programB
  • Call make to compile by means of the Makefile
  • Call bench_all.sh to launch jobs to the batch system with one for each micro-benchmark; eventually, Python will be used to plot the result. If you are connected to JURON with X Forwarding (ssh -X or ssh -Y), the results will be printed to your screen.

Feel free to have a glimpse at the Makefile and the bash script to get a feeling what's going on.