Conventions:[edit | edit source]

code is represented this way.

As installation is a cumber-some process it isn't included here, if there is proper user-base, it will be added in future.

This book isn't a guide as it is under construction.

Note to Readers:[edit | edit source]

As a reader, you need to stick to the plan, one thing which I need to say is programming is hard, and it's really hard.

You will be frustrated sometimes and you will loose all your hope, just because you can't do something. As a programmer you should keep one thing in mind. You shouldn't give up. There were several things which you need to known in order to become a better programmer, I will try my best to describe them along the way.

Practice as much as you can, practice it on daily basis, Take your own time in order to go through the whole course.

This course was designed for beginners, but on the way you will see that I'm teaching something, which you can't understand remember that's just a preview, you will see certain terms were explained, and used immediately, so take your own time to go ahead.

Concepts weren't repeated but what's thought will be repeated so that you won't forget.


This course was explained for a beginner, but as go through the course we will be using what you have learned so far, so don't expect something to be spoon-fed as you go along.


Note to Editors:[edit | edit source]

This course was aimed only at beginners, I expect this to be taught using examples. While there were many things to teach, I think this should be simple and one point of this course is, students are not supposed to be discouraged. All basics topics are to be covered so that they don't find it difficult to learn advanced topics. For Example:- I could have explained all about data-types in hello python chapter, but I didn't do it, so that readers could be comfortable, I did explain them, but in different manner which is so casual that, they don't find that important, but we can do that later when they were happy with what's necessary.