The workflow engine of FireWorks is called FireWorker. Multiple FireWorkers can be running on different resources where individual Fireworks can be executed by the rocket launcher rlaunch which has three modes of operation: singleshot, rapidfire and multi.

NOTE: For simplicity, in this tutorial the FireWorker is the same host as the FireServer.

To only execute one Firework from the LaunchPad which is in READY state the following command is used:

rlaunch singleshot

To run all Fireworks in READY state in a sequence:

rlaunch rapidfire

NOTE: Every Firework changes its state to READY after all its parent Fireworks are completed (state COMPLETED) and the states of linked child Fireworks are updated as soon as a Firework if completed. This means that any workflow will be run until there are no more Fireworks in READY state.

NOTE: In singleshot mode rlaunch runs the Firework in the directory where it is started. In rapidfire mode rlaunch creates separate sub-directories for each Firework at run time.

To suppress verbose information on the screen the -s flag can be added:

rlaunch -s rapidfire