Thank you for your interest in WikiToLearn! Your knowledge is fundamental for us to ensure a high standard of the content.

Step 1: Getting started[edit | edit source]

Search on the website if there is some material already written in your area of research. Use this guide to learn how to review and improve the content.

Otherwise, if you couldn’t find any existing material, create a new course or add new chapters.

Notes, written in Word, can be simply copy pasted. For LaTeX notes you can use our LaTex to Wiki Converter! (read more on the LaTex guide)

Contact us at #importing on the WikiToLearn chat if you have any problems.

Step 2: Engage your students[edit | edit source]

The collaboration between you and the students on WikiToLearn will help sharing knowledge worldwide. Thanks to your checking and improving we will together be able to create high quality textbooks.

Engaging your students will help you to be aware of their understanding of each lesson, providing you a valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your teaching.

Step 3: Spread the word[edit | edit source]

Invite your colleagues and all the institutions you are involved in, to collaborate with us and to help the project grow. A bigger network will improve the quantity and quality of the resources available.

Your contribution will help us creating educational material freely accessible, reliable and complete.