Importing from LaTeX

If you already have some content written with LaTeX you can upload it to WikiToLearn.

Import content[edit | edit source]

If you have a course written in LaTeX and you want it to be imported you can send a mail to The importing team will get in touch with you and upload the course under your user namespace.

Convert content[edit | edit source]

We have developed a set of useful tools to convert Latex material into wikitext, the markup WikiToLearn uses to write content pages. The main tool is called TeXLa.

TeXLa is a LaTeX parser written in python. We use it to import courses and lectures written by students, professors, techs, etc.

It's open source and you can find the code on Github!

There are a couple of different ways you can use TeXLa: the web client or the native python script.

Web client[edit | edit source]

If you want to use TeXLa without installing anything, visit

You can write LaTeX content in the text area or upload a .tex file. The website will convert your latex into a WikiToLearn ready-to-paste content.

You can just enter some text in latex syntax (without worrying about latex preamble) or you can even use latex macros and environments (in this case the \begin{document} is necessary).

Python script[edit | edit source]

You can also choose to use the native python script to convert your files. All the documentation on the configuration and installation is written WikiToLearn's Github.

Further documentation[edit | edit source]

A more detailed documentation on how to use TeXLa can be found here: