Using templates

Templates are used to add recurring notes to pages in a consistent way, to create navigational boxes, and to provide advanced features like cross portability of text.

Inserting templates[edit | edit source]

To insert templates you can use the Insert->Template function from the Visual Editor. Type in the name of the template you want to insert and select the right one.

Theorem insertion wtl.gif

Using templates parameters[edit | edit source]

Some templates can have named parameters. You can fill such a field by clicking on the field name and specifying the desired value.

Inserting environments[edit | edit source]

For mathematics, you often want to mark things as being a Theorem, a Proof, a Definition, or another entity. You can do so by clicking on the "Add environment" button in the editor, and choosing the desired environment.

Theorem title wtl.gif

Note: when you add an environment, you will see some text called "END ENVIRONMENT" or similar. This is just for your convenience to know you are writing inside the selected environment, but it won't show in the page displayed to the user.