Compris is a rich educational software, including more than a hundred activities aimed at children from 2 to 12 years old. Those activities are playful, but always educational. The topics include reading and typing, arithmetics, geography, sciences, and other topics. It is meant to be used both at home and at school. Core values In GCompris all the activities follow the same core values:

  • we do not follow a specific country curriculum because we want to be international
  • as we want to be international it makes some developments more complex but we are happy to do it
  • we don’t force children to follow a specific path in the software
  • we don’t put time limit because this kind of tuning exclude children with disabilities
  • we let the children select the difficulty level and do nothing to determine it is appropriate or not for her
  • we do nothing to make the children addict
  • the software does not replace a teacher or a parent
  • the software does not really teach, it is a complement to a traditional teaching course
  • activities must bring something more than doing the same activity on paper