Transport Services

Select a preferable transport service

  1. Reliable Data Transfer : Reduced Loss of data.
  2. Throughput : Rate at which the sending process can deliver bits to the reciving process. Some of the programs require a specific bandwidth to be transferred to. For instance the Internet Telephony needs to send data at the rate of 32Kbps. This makes sure that the band width is atleasr 32Kpbs. Those applications that make use of band-width are basically referred to as the Bandwith-specific applications. Those that are not dependend on the bandwidth is referred to as the Elastic applications that donot have the compulsory throughput requirements.
  3. Timing: Delays can occur during the transfer of data where the lower delays are more considerable than the higher ones. For example if a sender can send the data in 100msec that would be good.
  4. Security: The sending data can be encrypted and the reciving data can be decrypted and where we can offer confidentiality.

Different Transport Protocols

  1. TCP or Transfer Control Protocol:
    1. connection oriented(handshaking procedure)
    2. reliable and does congestion control
    3. detects the errors in transmission
  2. UDP or User Datagram Protocol:
    1. connectionless
    2. less reliable
    3. more fast