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GFE envisions an observationally falsifiable confluence of gravitational theory's mathematical elegance flowing smoothly -- rather than so turbidly as at present -- into the quantum world's breathtaking predictive precision despite its shockingly absurd conceptual underpinnings and often revolting philosophical interpretations. A subtle logical fallacy in physics' holy (hole-y?) Nobel-enshrined Wave-Particle Duality -- undeniably clear once pherreted out (à la pet ferrets?) -- demands an unprecedented alternative (yet theoretically convincing and empirically incontrovertible) definition of subatomic reality, behavior and measurement. Following a failed century of futility in quantizing gravity, perhaps gravitizing quantity -- viz. Planck's quantum of action 'h' as legitimate hybrid of energy with time -- will at last yield fruit sweeter than current conflagrations of interpretational conflict over "What's actually happening down there in the zero-radius-particle rabbit hole shining with such bright but bizarrely digital quantum magic?" Misquoting luminary Dante's inscription over the gateway into Timeless Darkness, "Abandon zero-radius infinite charge density, all you who enter here, as well as the canonical Second Quantization's miscegenation of such mutually exclusive and existentially disparate entities as waves vs particles, a union as unlikely as a mathematician alleging proof that the number 1 is actually equal to and interchangeable with its own diametric opposite, -1, depending on whether the numerical problem in question is being solved on a weekday vs over a weekend. (Have left the course editing door open in hopes of collaborating with thinkers navigating similarly divergent lines of reasoning? Studied applied math with J Sampson and T Ono at Johns Hopkins, departmental honors, then physical oceanography doctoral work with G Ward at UT Austin's Marine Science Institute...)

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